Microsoft shows it’s disdain for users again

MS Idiocy

Microsoft loves to do this – make changes that you don’t understand.  It has become impossible to keep control over what has become a complex and unmanageable system.  I’ve been with Microsoft since Dos 1.0 (It was IBM DOS then) and I have seen every version of Windows.  Back then, it was actually possible to tweak the system so that it did exactly what you wanted it to do.  And a lot of tweaking was not even necessary, because it wasn’t so complex.  Today, when I boot up my system, it is using about half of my 8 GB of RAM!  I really feel the need to kill certain processes, clean out unwanted stuff from my 720 GB hard-drive, but more and more the true purpose of files is hidden.  And, as illustrated above, Microsoft goes and does things to my system that I can’t even track down.  What if that software was something I wanted?  Something that actually improved the security or stability of my system.  After all I have a full-fledged Anti-Virus software installed and running.

Damn you, Microsoft!

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