Annie Times Four – A “chick-book” that men will like!

This is really a “chick-book”, but I loved it anyway. I read it at the behest of a dear friend, expecting to have to plow through it. But was I pleasantly surprised!

It is a little piece of life in the sixties, and that period fascinates me. I missed it because I was just a tad too young and more importantly in the wrong country. I feel like I should have been born a little earlier and that too, either in the heart of it all, say Berkeley or in a sleepy heartland town like Milwaukee. I did end up in Milwaukee by the way, and so I can relate even more to this story – that is where it all happens…

When I started reading, I was a little annoyed at first by the four different streams of the story. I generally don’t like “clever” literary tricks. But in this case it worked and made my engagement with the story more thoughtful. I won’t say too much at the risk of spoiling your experience, but do let me know if the format worked for you.

The writing is really evocative and vividly brings to life a generation grappling with massive changes, yet subject to the timeless emotions, mistakes and yearnings. The people are real and believable, especially Annie Spring. The fiction is woven around real events and the culture of the times and so it really comes to life.

If you lived in the sixties (or would have liked to) you will love this book… no, it will move you. I would go out on a limb and say that this book is in the top five I have read in the last decade (and I read a lot). Highly recommended.

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  1. Jan Swain says:

    It’s nice to hear an opinion of this book from a man’s perspective. I have said from the beginning (I am mentioned on the dedication page) that this would be a great book for the younger generation to read for a better understanding of the way things were when their parents were growing up. It did not occur to me that it would also help anyone that did not live in the U.S during the 60’s and 70’s. I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota during that era and it was not much different than growing up in Milwaukee.

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