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My name is Aniruddha Gupte.  I often go by Anil.  It’s a long story…

Please read my formal Biodata below…

Well, if you’ve continued reading, let me tell you a bit more…

Since I was a boy, people (including my parents) called me Anil.  I am not sure why – perhaps they thought Aniruddha was too formal.  Then when I moved to the US of A, people struggled.  Really, they did!  Finally, someone came up with an idea, and a horrid one at that!  I had to quickly choose between “Rudy” and something more palatable.  I of course gave them “Anil”, but pronounced more like “Anneal”.  It worked.  And I was saved from the ignominy of being called Rudy…

Formal Biodata:

Anil is an entrepreneur, innovator and educator.  He currently runs his own consulting company that advises small, medium and startup businesses on Growth, Innovation and Strategy.  He lectures on invitation at colleges and industry events as well as technical and business forums.  Anil is a serial entrepreneur who has created, grown and sold several companies, and is the originator of several technology brands.  He has successfully exited a company created for streaming video over the Internet.

Anil has won several awards including the Economic Times Power of Ideas competition, DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation Program, Red Herring Global 100 & The Wipro-Wharton Global Innovation Competition.  He holds five patents from the US Patent & Trademark office (one is considered a seminal patent in the industry) and one patent from the Indian Patent Office.  Additional patents are pending.

He has been involved in Computer Aided Design for ten years and Internet based video delivery for an overlapping fifteen years.  In the area of CAD he has consulted with Fortune 100 companies such as Brady Co., Rexnord and John Deere.  At these companies, he created the first automated product design programs for their products.  In the domain of Streaming Video he has provided solutions to large and small organizations such as the Wisconsin (USA) Department of Transportation, Cumulus Media (then owner of over 200 radio stations), Houses.com and others.

He launched iCinema in 1997 – one of the first websites ever to stream video and the first to stream full-length feature films.  iCinema also featured the first ever live broadcast of an Indian wedding.  He then created and operated maxNetwork, a business oriented ISP with Points of Presence (POPs) in Chicago and Milwaukee and customers from around the world.  As CEO of maxNetwork, Anil was responsible for 20 continuous quarters of growth at an average rate of 34% per quarter.  In 2006, he introduced Wizo, the first Digital Video Recorder launched in India, which allowed recording from cable or Internet and full control of live TV.

Anil worked at Amplify Mindware (Bharati Vidyapeeth University) as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Technical Studies from 2008 to 2011. There, he introduced four new Bachelor Degree program including the extremely popular B.S. in Animation & Gaming – possibly the first program of its kind anywhere in the world.  He also oversaw Quality Assurance and helped implement ISO 9001:2008 at this institution.  Previously he worked as Visiting Faculty and Course Designer for the Outreach Training Center for The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.  He has extensive teaching experience and has taught at several technical and business colleges in the USA and India.

He was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He is an active Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow.  His other primary interests are his family, books, movies and carpentry.


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    Thanks for the useful information. Need to add your blog to bookmarks

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    Will share this post on facebook when I get home. On my iPhone at the moment. Great post.

  3. read here says:

    At first, I thought your headline was misleading, but you actually delivered. Nice job.

  4. Gaurav says:

    Look forward to reading more on your blog!

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