Why the #AppleWatch is sheer genius!

Really, <faceplam> moment – why didn’t I think of this? A watch? That you wear on your wrist? And call it the launch of the wearables movement? Sheer genius!

Seriously, we have been wearing watches for centuries. Genius is when you can sell the concept of wearing a watch to the whole world, and make it seem like you invented the damn thing!

I stopped wearing a watch years ago – yes when my mobile phone became permanently attached to me. Do I now want to spend anywhere from $549 to $1,099 to acquire some annoying thing that clings to my wrist? No! In fact, a good friend Cawas, who owns a string of watch stores locally has been trying to save my soul by selling me a watch, but I have resisted.

My first watch was a hand-me-down from my father, when I graduated high school. Even in college I didn’t often wear a watch. I just don’t like stuff like chains and rings that encumber me. So when “wearables” become ubiquitous, what do I do? Bury my love for tech? Or change who I am?

Maybe Apple will come up with something for me then. Like a shirt. With apps.

One Response to Why the #AppleWatch is sheer genius!

  1. Arjun says:

    But imagine having your entire phone on your wrist… that also monitors your heart, health, and sleep. 🧐

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